FAQ about PLE

1. What if my language skills aren’t really that great?
There are jobs for all levels, from working with small children to interpreting at a medical clinic.

2. How to I find out about the different positions?
All the positions are posted on this website under French Positions and Spanish positions.  At the informational meeting, you will be given a more in-depth explanation of the positions available. Remember, enrollment takes place during the meeting.

3. Do I have to look for the job myself?
No, you will have a variety of positions from which to choose.

4. What happens if I can’t find a job?
There are plenty of jobs from which to choose. This shouldn’t be a problem but if you do find that you are having difficulty finding a job that best suits you and your needs, I, Laurie de González, the PLE Coordinator, will help you in your search. My email address is laurie@uoregon.edu or you can contact me at 870-3708.

5. I speak both French and Spanish. Can I work in both languages?
ELAW offers positions in both French and Spanish. You could work with them and volunteer in both languages.

6. Is PLE offered in the summer?
No, it´s not.

7. How many times can I register for PLE?

8. Can I take 4 credits of PLE during one term?
Yes, you can but you would have to volunteer 60 hours in a 10-week period.

9. Do these credits count towards a Spanish or French minor or major?
No, they count as elective credits only.

10. What if I have more questions?
Contact me, the PLE Coordinator, Laurie de González at laurie@uoregon.edu or at 870-3708.