The Ph.D. degree requires a total of 84 graduate-level credits—32 credits in addition to the 52 required for the master’s degree. Course work applied to the degree must be taken for letter grades, and a grade point average (GPA) of 3.00 or better must be maintained. Students must complete at least 21 graduate seminars in the department (at least 84 credits in all) beyond the B.A. Ph.D. students must thus take at least 8 graduate courses (32 credits) beyond the 13 courses (52 credits) required for the M.A. Only one of these 8 courses (4 credits) may be satisfied in the form of a Reading and Conference course (FR, ITAL, SPAN 605). Of the 21 courses (84 credits) 3 (12 credits) must be taken in a second Romance Language. Up to 3 of the 21 courses (12 of the 84 credits) may be taken outside of the department, with the authorization of the advisor, and provided that they bear directly on the student’s program of study. Doctoral students are also strongly encouraged to take Romance Languages Colloquium (RL 623) for at least two credits. The Colloquium can either be taken as a two-credit, P/NP course (in which case it does not count towards the doctoral degree) or as a four-credit, graded course. Graduate students admitted to the UO Ph.D. program with an M.A. in French, Spanish, Italian, or Romance Languages from the University of Oregon may count toward their Ph.D. course requirements a maximum of two graduate courses completed during their M.A. programs, provided that these courses have not been counted toward fulfillment of the M.A. requirements. The total number of credits in Romance Languages after the B.A. must in any case be at least 84. Graduate students admitted to the UO Ph.D. program with an M.A. in French, Spanish, Italian, or Romance Languages from another institution must take a minimum of ten graduate courses (40 credits) in the Romance Languages Department. The Graduate Committee will evaluate the courses students have taken toward their M.A. and will determine whether additional courses are necessary to fill any gaps in a student’s preparation. This may result in a student taking more than 10 courses (40 credits) at the UO, up to a required maximum of 17 (68 credits). Where the M.A. is found to be seriously deficient, or has been taken in another field, the Graduate Committee reserves the right to admit the student into the M.A. program instead. In this case students may petition to transfer a maximum of three courses towards the 13 courses required for the M.A. This petition may be filed when the student has completed four graduate courses in the Romance Languages M.A. program with a grade of B or better.