Why Study French at the UO? 

As one of the major languages of world governance, diplomacy, commerce, and culture, French opens up a world of opportunities. In addition to gaining real-world proficiency and mastering communication skills across languages and cultures, students of French learn essential critical thinking skills, analytical reasoning, and adaptability. No matter the career and life path you choose, studying French will prepare you to face the challenges and opportunities both of the job market and of an increasingly globalized world.


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Undergraduate Programs

You can get a B.A. in French language and literature or a B.A. in Romance languages, combining French with Italian or Spanish. And you can also double-major in hundreds of other UO degree programs. Recent undergraduate courses include offerings focused on shipwrecks, graphic novels, street art, Francophone African music, and French film.

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Graduate Programs

The Department of Romance Languages offers both M.A. or Ph.D. programs in French. Our graduate students have the opportunity to study with leading scholars whose research interests range from modern and contemporary French studies in fields ranging from Francophone Africa and the French Enlightenment to terror studies and translation studies.

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Study Abroad

The Department of Romance Languages prepares students for the future of global citizenship and the workforce. Many of our students spend time traveling and living in another culture. We offer study abroad opportunities in France and in many Francophone countries or regions. Programs are as short as four weeks and as long as a full academic year. The Department offers several scholarships to help students pursue their studies. We also send many graduates to France on the assistantship program run by the French Ministry of Education, while others take advantage of Francophone opportunities in the Peace Corps.

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Your Future Career 

What kind of career will you pursue? French language study opens up a wide range of career opportunities—from non-profit work to high-tech, foreign service, healthcare, social justice, and beyond. As our alumni profiles demonstrate, language study can take you just about anywhere!

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Faculty Research

Our department faculty is comprised of three French specialists who work on all aspects of the French-speaking world, including Africa and the Caribbean. They are passionate scholars who inform and inspire, and are dedicated mentors who help students build real-world skills and strong professional networks. 

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